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UP Board Has Launched A New ‘Samadhan’ Portal To Solve Problems Of Students

Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP), commonly known as the UP Board, has launched a new ‘Samadhan’ portal to solve problems faced by its current and former students. This is a great initiative that will benefit crores of students from the over 27,000 schools affiliated with the UP Board.

The portal aims to address student wrongs within 15 days, without them having to visit the board’s headquarters or regional offices. This will save students and parents the struggle of travelling to these offices located in Prayagraj, Varanasi, Meerut, Bareilly and Gorakhpur.

UP Board Secretary Dibyakant Shukla inaugurated the portal on Saturday. He explained that every year, over 55 lakh students appear for the board’s high school and intermediate exams. With such huge numbers, errors in educational records are common. Until now, students had to put in great effort to get these errors fixed by visiting regional offices. The ‘Samadhan’ portal will provide an easy online solution.

Shukla said the portal will offer 13 different services for students, a first for the board. This shows that UP Board is using technology to improve the experience for students. If issues are not resolved within 15 days on the portal, accountability of concerned officers will be fixed. This will ensure timely resolution.

Additionally, a control room is being set up at UP Board’s Prayagraj headquarters. It will handle complaints, queries and problems received from students and parents on two toll-free helpline numbers. Issues will be registered, given a case number and resolved efficiently. Once resolved, students will be informed.

This proactive approach by the UP Board to leverage technology for student welfare is truly commendable. The ‘Samadhan’ portal and helpline number will benefit lakhs of students. It shows that bodies like UP Board are improving governance by making systems efficient and putting the students first.

This improvement is in line with other positive changes we have seen in the education sector lately. The New Education Policy has brought systemic improvements to make learning holistic and relevant. Educational boards are also updating assessment systems, digitizing records and using data to help students. Initiatives like the ‘Samadhan’ portal demonstrate that student problems are being heard and addressed promptly.

Indeed, this progressive stance adopted by the UP Board sets a positive precedent for other state educational boards. Providing timely solutions to student queries nurtures their trust in the system. It will motivate them to reach their potential without hurdles. Such reforms reaffirm that student welfare is the priority. They give us hope that the education system is used to create engaged, authorised citizens of tomorrow.

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