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iPhone 16 Series: What We Know So Far About iPhone 16

Even though we still have several months to go before Apple unveils its 2023 iPhone lineup, likely in September as usual, leaks are already coming fast and furious about the upcoming iPhone 16 series. From design changes to new features, here’s what the rumor mill is telling us to expect from the next iteration of iPhones.

Bigger Screens for Pro Models

According to several leaks from reliable sources like MacRumors, the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max are set to get even larger displays compared to their predecessors:

  • iPhone 16 Pro: 6.3-inches (up from 6.1-inches on iPhone 15 Pro)
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max: 6.9-inches (up from 6.7-inches)

Meanwhile, the lower-end iPhone 16 and 16 Plus models are expected to retain the same screen sizes as the current non-Pro variants.

New Buttons and Camera Design

One of the more intriguing rumors involves changes to the physical buttons on the iPhone 16 series. Dummy models making the rounds online indicate that the regular iPhone 16 and 16 Plus may lose their mute toggle switch in favor of an “Action” button like what the existing Pro models have. Leakers also claim that the Action button itself will be larger than before.

The other new button reported is a “Capture” button intended for quick access to the iPhone’s photography features. Located near the power button, this new mechanical, pressure-sensitive control aims to improve the shooting experience for photos and videos.

As for the rear camera array, leaked images show the iPhone 16 Pro sporting a new pill-shaped housing rather than the traditional square bump. The mics have moved inside the module alongside the wide and ultrawide lenses, while the flash was displaced outside.

Upgraded Chip and Other Specs

While concrete details are still limited, the iPhone 16 lineup will undoubtedly pack Apple’s next-gen A17 Bionic chip for a performance boost over the already lightning-fast A16. Other rumored upgrades include the shift to USB-C charging in line with EU regulations and the usual camera improvements to boost photo and video quality.

The iPhone 16 Pro variants may also get higher RAM for better multitasking and graphics. Battery capacities could see a nice bump as well, along with potential support for satellite emergency calls in more countries.

Release Date and Pricing

Apple has launched its new iPhones in September for many years now, so fans can expect the iPhone 16 series to hold true to that timeframe. Pre-orders usually open 10 days or so after Apple’s special fall event with retail availability a week later.

As for how much the iPhone 16 range will cost customers, Apple may forego its typical $100 price hike for the Pro models this year given their increased dominance in sales. But if they do get more advanced features like satellite connectivity, the starting price could still creep up to around $1,100 or so. The non-Pro iPhone 16 and 16 Plus should stay at the same $800 and $900 price points though.

While 2024 iPhones are still months away from being finalized and announced, the leaked dummy models, renders, and supply chain chatter gives tech enthusiasts plenty to chew over as we await the next era of iPhones. One thing’s for sure: the iPhone 16 series looks set to pack some significant design refreshments alongside the usual speed and camera enhancements.

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