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Battlegrounds Mobile India Developer Launches New India Game ‘Bullet Echo India’

Indian mobile gamers have a new title to get excited about with the launch of Bullet Echo India – a fast multiplayer shooter developed through a collaboration between Krafton India and ZeptoLab. Specifically customized for the Indian market, this innovative game offers a tactical bird’s-eye view combat experience along with some local surprises.

Bringing a PvP Shooter to India

As announced by Krafton India’s publishing advisor and incubator program head Anuj Sahani, Bullet Echo India has been designed from the ground up with Indian players in mind. The core gameplay includes real-time 5v5 multiplayer battles where two teams fight for control points on the map.

What sets Bullet Echo India apart is the addition of four exclusive Indian hero skins inspired by cultural elements, bringing a dash of desi flavor to the character designs. Heroes like the gun-toting Slayer, stealthy Sparkle and fiery Mirage are outfitted in colorful outfits and accessories symbolic of different Indian regions. It’s a nice touch that brings relatable local elements into the futuristic setting.

Sahani expressed excitement over this launch and the overall effort to customize gaming content for Indian audiences beyond just language localization. As he stated, “Bullet Echo India is a milestone for the Indian gaming community, offering tactical gameplay mixed with strategic team dynamics.” Collaborations like this align with Krafton’s larger goals to provide memorable localized experiences for gamers across India.

CEO Max Petrov of ZeptoLab also highlighted the importance of customizing games for specific markets like India – where subtle changes like thematic skins can “bring an authentic touch that promises a deeper connection with players.” It’s clear the developers are trying to appeal directly to the Indian market rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

India’s Mobile Gaming Boom

The launch of Bullet Echo India comes at an opportune moment when mobile gaming is exploding in India, thanks largely to affordable smartphones and improving internet connectivity even in smaller towns and villages. Krafton’s own Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a rebranded version of the phenomenally popular PUBG Mobile designed for India following a ban, has proven to be a catalyst driving mainstream adoption of multiplayer mobile gaming.

BGMI has managed to capture a sizable chunk of India’s vast youth demography, who are drawn in by its AAA production quality, engaging premise and prospects for professional esports participation. The game registering over 100 million downloads within a year indicates the massive latent demand for competitive multiplayer titles.

Bullet Echo India want to capitalize on this booming market by offering a fresh new concept for Indian gamers to try out, while adding local elements to strike a stronger chord. The familiar cultural motifs could work favorably in sparking an intrinsic interest among Indian youth to give this game a go. If it manages to achieve even a fraction of BGMI’s astronomical success, Bullet Echo India could become the next big name in the domestic mobile gaming industry.

With mobile esports viewership also on the uptick, there is potential for Bullet Echo India to make a play as a popular title among amateur competitive gamers and budding esports athletes provided the developers continue supporting the game through tournaments and leagues. The ingredients seem to be in place for the game to succeed, now it’s up to the players to decide whether Bullet Echo India could become the next big hit.

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