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Bajaj Auto New Chetak Electric Scooter Launched with Upgraded Features and Large Battery, 90km Per Charge?

Indian two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto has launched a new version of its popular Chetak electric scooter for 2024. New Chetak electric is in two variants – Urbane and Premium, priced at Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.35 lakh (ex-showroom) price. This new launch builds on the success of the company’s greet of the Chetak nameplate back in 2019, bringing an in-depth modern electric scooter to the market while paying homage to the original Chetak which was first introduced in 1972.

New Features and Technology

The 2024 Chetak electric scooter boasts many new features and technology upgrades compared to the previous model. And the new best thing is, it now comes with a 5-inch TFT instrument cluster, giving the rider more information and customization options. The scooter is also now equipped with a larger 3.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, up from 3 kWh previously. Bajaj claims this will provide a range of around 90 km on a single charge.

For even more advanced features, customers can opt for the new TecPac accessory package. This adds functionality like turn-by-turn navigation, sport and hill hold modes, reverse mode on the Premium variant, and an anti-theft notification system. The package also bumps up the top speed to 73 kmph. On the base model without TecPac, the max speed is limited to 63 kmph.

Charging has been improved with a faster 800W charger on Premium models, allowing the battery to be topped up from zero to 15.6 km of range in just 30 minutes. The Urbane makes do with a 400W charger.

Other key features carried over from the earlier Chetak include electronic locks for the handlebar and seat, a boost mode button, feather touch switches for indicators and headlamp beam control.

Design and Color Options

In terms of design, the new Chetak retains the same elegant, retro-inspired bodywork as before. This includes a round headlamp and indicators, a plush seat with stitching details, exposed brushed metal accents, and minimal body panels for a timeless look. The Premium and Urbane variants get different paint and finish options.

The Urbane is offered in a choice of four colours – Cyber White, Brooklyn Black, Indigo Metallic Blue, and Coarse Grey. The Premium Chetak can be had in Hazelnut, Indigo Blue, or Brooklyn Black, all with a gloss metallic paint finish.

The scooter rolls on 12-inch wheels at both ends wrapped in MRF tires. Braking duties are handled by a disc up front and drum brake at the rear, supported by a combi-braking system. The front suspension is telescopic while the rear gets twin shock absorbers.

Official Statement

At the launch, Mr. Eric Vas, President of Bajaj Auto said “We are proud to present this new and upgraded version of our class-leading electric scooter, the Chetak. This latest range offers an excellent combination of style, functionality and increased range. It reaffirms why Chetak is the leader in the electric two-wheeler segment. We will keep updating the Chetak periodically and deliver a superior riding experience to our customers.”

With its super retro style, premium quality and advanced features, the new 2024 Bajaj Chetak electric targets to plead to a broad demographic looking for an urban commuter scooter that can effortlessly tackle the stop-go traffic conditions of most Indian cities. For those looking to make the switch to electric two-wheelers, Chetak presents a compelling option combining heritage with the latest in EV technology.

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