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Vincent H. Pala Files Nomination for Shillong Lok Sabha Seat

Shillong, 26 Mar: The three-time MP and current sitting MP of the Shillong parliamentary seat, Vincent H. Pala, filed his nomination for the upcoming Lok Sabha election at the DC office of East Khasi Hills district in Shillong.

Vincent H. Pala, also the president of the Meghalaya Congress Committee (MPCC), will be contesting against four other candidates in this election. His opponents include Dr. Rick Syngkon of the (VPP), Robert Kharjahrin of the (RDA), Dr. Ampareen Lyngdoh of the (NPP), and independent candidate Prof. Lakhon Kma.

The voting for the Lok Sabha election for the two parliamentary seats in Meghalaya is scheduled for April 19th.