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Kerela Lottery Result, 5 April, 2024, Live

Kerela Lottery Result, 5 Apr: The Kerala Lottery is a government-run lottery program in the state of Kerala, India. It’s the first of its kind in India, established in 1967.

Kerela Lottery Result, 5 April, 2024

1st Prize-Rs.1,00,00,000/- [1 Crore]


Consolation Prize – Rs.8,000/-


2nd Prize –Rs.1,000,000/- (10 Lakhs)


3rd Prize  Rs.5,000/-


4th Prize – Rs.2,000/-


5th Prize –Rs.1,000/- 


6th Prize – Rs.500/- 


7th Prize –Rs.100/-


How to play Kerela lottery?

You can purchase the ticket in various authorized lttery shop with different prize and rule. you have various option to choose like Akshaya, Karunya etc. You can select the number or combination you want on your tickets and pay for the prize. And then wait for the Kerela lottery result.

How to get Kerela Lottery Result

There are various option to get the kerela lottery result:

  • you can check the results on the official Kerala State Lotteries website or through authorized agents displaying results.
  • Match your ticket numbers with the winning numbers announced for your chosen lottery option.