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UDP MLA Lahkmen Rymbui Criticizes Exploitation of “Jaitbynriew” Concept

Jowai, 14 Mar: The United Democratic Party (UDP) MLA, Lakmen Rymbui, has strongly criticised individuals and political parties who exploit the concept of “Jaitbynriew” for their own political motives.

Addressing a public gathering of the RDA at Bakur in the Amlarem area, Rymbui pointed out that many people merely pay lip service to the idea of “Jaitbynriew” without actually practicing it.

Taking a swipe at VPP’s MP candidate, Dr. Ricky Syngkon, Rymbui suggested that if he truly wants to serve the public, he should resign from his teaching profession regardless of the election outcome.

Rymbui also criticized VPP president, Ardent M Basaiawmoit, questioning his claims of caring for the people when there is no government secondary school in Nongkrem.

He urged the public not to be deceived by those who exploit the concept of “Jaitbynriew” for personal gain.