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Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team air show today at umiam

Shillong, 08 Mar: The exhilarating Air Show exhibited by the Indian Air Force’s renowned Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team (SKAT) over Umiam Lake today enthralled the audience through a synchronised display of one of India’s finest aircraft.

Various other fighter aircraft and helicopters also participated in the Air Show.

Formed in 1996, SKAT is among the very few nine-aircraft aerobatics teams in the world, and is the only one in Asia. This one of a kind team has carried out more than 500 displays in India, besides showcasing the professionalism of the Indian Air force in Air Shows abroad at China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and UAE.

The Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team, popularly known as SKAT, inherits the motto “Sadaiva Sarvottam” with ease, aptly describing the adage “Always the Best”.

The aim of the Air Display is to spread awareness about the Armed Forces and to inspire the youth of the country to join the Armed Forces.

Also in attendance were Governor Phagu Chauhan, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, IAF officials among others.

“You’re seen as a soldier. So this is the message that we also wish to pass on to the youth of the nation that they should definitely get inspired and want to join the Indian Armed Forces and help us in serving our nation and once again wish you all a very happy women’s Day,” expressed Flight Lieutenant Kanwal Sandhu.

Corroborating similar opinions, Wing Commander Gitanjali Singh said that it is a great commitment when one joins the forces and wears the uniform.

“It is a commitment that you make to yourself that yes for everything and anything we are going to be serving the nation, no matter what and where. So it is not gender biased it is totally gender neutral,” stated Singh.

Adding that on this International Women’s Day, Singh said that it is one of the historic and amazing celebration wherein they have seen the power and the reach of the Indian Air Force in the north east as well as the Nari Shakti on display.