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State government unveils Tagore Cultural complex in the city

Shillong, 06 Mar: Minister In-Charge of Arts and Culture, Paul Lyngdoh, laid a foundation stone for the Tagore Cultural Complex in Rilbong on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. He was joined by Shanbor Shullai, MLA of South Shillong, and Shri. Frederick Roy Kharkongor, IAS, Commissioner & Secretary of Arts and Culture.

Highlighting the significance of Shillong, Lyngdoh stated that it is not just a name, a city, or an address, but a hub of culture and an icon of civilisation

Referring to the unveiling and inauguration of the Tirot Singh bust and library in Dhaka by the state government on Feb 16, he expressed, “A tribal chieftain has become a global hero. We thought we would reciprocate by establishing the Tagore Cultural Centre, a place that inspired Tagore to write three of his best known books. One of which I read when I was young in the state central library.”

Lyngdoh further urged the public to “Please share that Shillong has added another pearl to its geography with this cultural complex, which houses a room that Tagore had used and a bed he had slept in.” He concluded by saying that, “Shillong needs to recapture its essence as a centre of art and culture. We can proactively support initiatives like these to make it happen.”