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PM Modi unveils the first under-water metro rail service in Kolkata

Kolkata, 06 Mar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated multiple connectivity projects worth 15,400 crore rupees in Kolkata, including India’s first underwater metro rail service.

The new metro line, called the Howrah Maidan-Esplanade section, will be the country’s first transportation tunnel beneath a major river. It passes beneath the River Hooghly, which separates Kolkata and Howrah cities on its east and west banks.

The Howrah metro station, part of this new line, holds the distinction of being India’s deepest metro station.

In Addition to these Prime Minister Narendra Modi also inagurated the Kavi Subhash – Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Metro section and the Taratala – Majerhat Metro section, which is part of the Joka-Esplanade line.