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PM Kisan Scheme’s 16th Installment – Rules Around Father and Son Beneficiaries

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme provides financial benefits to farmers across India. Under this scheme, eligible farmer families get Rs 6,000 per year, paid in three equal instalments of Rs 2,000 every four months. The government recently released the 15th instalment and is preparing to disburse the 16th tranche soon.

A common question many people have is can both a father and son from the same family avail this benefit separately? Let’s understand the rules around this.

One Family and One Beneficiary

As per the scheme guidelines, only one person per family is eligible for PM-KISAN benefits. If more than one member of a family is found receiving funds, the authorities send notices seeking refund of excess amounts.

The rationale is that the scheme intends to provide financial support to as many needy farmer families as possible with the allocated budget. So the focus is on unique beneficiaries rather than multiple persons from one household.

In case a father and son both have land titles in their names, only one of them can receive PM-KISAN instalments based on self-declaration during enrollment. The government’s force is on extending benefits equitably to all deserving families.

Land Ownership Mandatory

To receive payments under PM-KISAN, the beneficiary must own agricultural land. Landless labourers cannot avail of this scheme. Applicants must furnish details of land records while registering for the program.

The land title can be in the name of the beneficiary or any of their family members as per revenue records. But other eligibility criteria like annual income threshold, age limit etc. apply to the individual applicant.

Pending e-KYC Can Stop 16th Installment

Beneficiaries must complete e-KYC authentication to continue receiving PM-KISAN funds seamlessly. Failure to do so can make their names excluded from the list of recipients for the upcoming 16th instalment.

Farmers can visit nearby CSC centres, banks or the PM-KISAN portal for biometric-based e-KYC formalities. This helps eliminate duplicate or fake entries and enables direct transfer of funds to the right accounts.

Timely Rectification of Errors Necessary

Beneficiaries must also ensure their application details like Aadhaar, bank account, land records etc. are accurate. Any discrepancies can make them ineligible for further instalments.

For instance, mentioning wrong bank account information can cause transaction failures and stop funds transfers. Similarly, a mismatch in Aadhaar seeding prevents confirming the beneficiary’s identity.

Farmers should rectify any such errors promptly by submitting the correct information on the PM-KISAN portal or through the local administration. This will avoid missing out on the upcoming tranches.

At last, the PM-KISAN scheme gives valuable monetary help to small and marginal farmers. Careful compliance with eligibility criteria and authentication protocols is necessary for smooth disbursal of funds. Maintaining up-to-date records can help to make sure they receive each instalment on time.

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