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Our doors is still open for peace talk Meghalaya Police to HNLC

Shillong, 05 Mar: The Meghalaya Police has stated that the recent arrest of HNLC cadre Storgy Lyngdoh has nothing to do with the tripartite talks between the centre, state, and the proscribed outfit, adding that if one commits a crime, the law will take its own course.

“Our doors are still open for peace talks with the HNLC,” Deputy Inspector General of Police (TAP) CA Lyngwa told media persons today.

She informed that recently, there was an arrest of an HNLC cadre Storgy Lyngdoh, who was also part of the delegation of the HNLC when they had come over to talk with the government.

“Unfortunately, it was learned from credible information that he had sneaked from Bangladesh and he was finally arrested by East Khasi Hills police and from his mobile phone, there has been a lot of extortion and demands made on a lot of people,” Lyngwa said.

When asked whether Lyngdoh had sneaked into India with the intention to surrender, the top cop said, “The person had gone to Bangladesh. If he had wanted to surrender, he was in Shillong all this while, when the talks were on; this going back and coming back – what does it imply?”

The question of surrender of cadres does not arise; they are in a peace talk, she said.