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NHM employees union calls on Health Secretary Ram Kumar

Shillong, 19 Mar: The National Health Mission Employees Association of Meghalaya (NEAM) under the flagship of the National Health Mission (NHM), met Health Secretary and NHM director Ram Kumar S on Monday to extend their gratitude to the officer for addressing the long-pending demand of rationalisation.

“We acknowledge his outstanding efforts and dedication, his guidance and support that has shaped the career of all employees in his leadership skills under NHM,” Publicity Secretary NEAM Dr. Bankerdonbor Kharbisnop said in a press note issued here on Monday.

According to the association, the difficult task of rationalisation which was supposed to be taken up in 2017 was finally resolved due to Ram Kumar’s intervention, who initiated work in 2021.

“The association appreciates his efforts and due recognition given to the union in addressing the matters that needed to be resolved at the earliest,” Dr Kharbisnop added.