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Meghalaya Police to recruit 3000 personels across the state

Shillong, 06 Mar: Meghalaya Police is set to conduct a significant recruitment drive for 3,100 police personnel across five different recruitment centres in the state.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) FG Kharshiing, mentioned that the recruitment will include 76 UB Sub Inspectors, 1,255 posts for UB constables, firemen, driver fireman, Fireman mechanics, MPRO, and signal operator battalion. Additionally, the Armed Branch (AB) group will have approximately 1,637 posts, covering AB constables, battalion constables, MPRO general duty constables, constable handyman, and driver constables, making the total posts around 3,100.

The recruitment will take place in five sectors – 1st Battalion in Mawiong, which will cater to this part of the region, 2nd MLP for West Garo Hills, 3rd Battalion Sahbsein for Jaintia Hills, 4th Battalion Sohpian for West Khasi Hills and 5th Battalion in Williamnagar for both East and South Garo Hills.

Submission of online application will start from April 1.