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Meghalaya Police announced a reward of 1 lakh for information on blast

Shillong, 11 Mar: The police announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh to anyone giving credible information that leads to the arrest of any person involved in the act.

“The identity of the informant will be kept fully confidential. The information can be conveyed to the special cell of the police,” East Khasi Hills Superintendent of Police, Rituraj Ravi said.

He said the crude IED or improvised explosive device was detonated in an abandoned CGI-sheet structure at the Syndicate Bus Stand of Mawlonghat’s Punjabi Lane.

“This is a terrorist act punishable under the UA(P)A and the Explosive Substances Act, and the individuals responsible for the blast committed an offence tantamount to waging war against the state,” Ravi said.

The SP said the IED was placed in a metal container. The impact of the blast, suspected to have been caused by gelatin sticks, damaged the CGI-sheet structure and the glass windows of adjacent buildings, he added.

“Talking about the capability or intent that any organisation or outfit would have, our suspicion naturally goes towards the HNLC,” the SP said even as he added that the outfit has not taken responsibility of the blast.