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International Women day celebrate in Shillong

Shillong, 08 Mar: As part of the International Women’s Day celebration, the State Hub for Empowerment of Women under the Directorate of Social Welfare on Friday felicitated women who have made outstanding achievement and services to women growth and empowerment.

The women achievers were felicitated by Health & Family Welfare Minister, Ampareen Lyngdoh at a function to celebrate this important day towards empowerment of women under the theme “Inspire Inclusion”.

The prominent among the women achievers who were felicitated include Nambie Jessica Marak who was the first runners up of Master Chef India 2023, Kmoin Wahlang who is an oldest marathon runner who took part in Pinkathon, SBI Go Green marathon & the famous Tata Mumbai Marathon and young footballer, Bonifilia Shullai who was selected to represent India at the SAFF U-16 Women’s Championship.

Speaking on the occasion, Health and Family Welfare Minister lauded these women for their achievements despite the barriers that come their way.