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Google Added a New Feature To Tweak Gemini Responses

Google has rolled out a handy new feature for its Gemini chatbot that lets you fine-tune the AI’s responses on the fly. This smart new update gives you a great control to personally decide how Gemini replies to your queries.

No More Full Rewrites Needed

One of the biggest pluses of this update is that you no longer have to ask Gemini to completely rewrite an entire response if just a part of it needs changing. The new fine-tuning capability allows you to simply highlight the specific text you want to modify, making precision edits a breeze.

How It Works

To use this neat new feature, you’ll first need to query Gemini on a topic through the web interface. Once the AI generates a response, you can select any portion of the text. A circular ‘wand’ button will then appear – click on that to reveal the fine-tuning options:

  • Regenerate: This rephrases just the text you highlighted with a fresh alternative wording/prompt
  • Shorter: It short the selected text to a more concise form
  • Longer: It expands the highlighted portion with extra details
  • Remove: It Deletes the selected text entirely

There’s also an advanced “Modify with a prompt” field where you can directly instruct Gemini how to revise the response, like “make this shorter” or “explain this part in more detail.”

Limitations to Be Aware Of

According to reports, Gemini may sometimes display an error message if you try unsupported formatting edits or don’t provide clear modification instructions. The fine-tuning options also currently can’t modify code blocks, text from extensions, or any responses containing images.

For now, this feature is English-only and exclusive to the web version of the AI chatbot. But it demonstrates Google’s commitment to continuously refining and upgrading its AI products based on real user needs.

Fine-Tuning Options

TweakWhat It Does
RegenerateRephrases the selected text
ShorterCondenses the highlighted portion
LongerExpands the selection with more detail
RemoveDeletes the chosen text entirely

While AI chatbots are incredibly powerful, giving users the ability to easily customize the AI’s output is a very effective and personalized for natural conversation flow. With Gemini’s new fine-tuning controls, Google is empowering users to steer the dialogue exactly how they want for a uniquely personalized experience.

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