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Ex- UALA member, two others arrested in connection to GNLA regroup case

Shillong, 05 Mar: Police have arrested three persons, including an ex-member of the militant outfit — United A’chik Liberation Army (UALA), for their alleged involvement in the Garo National Liberation Army -Regroup (GNLA-R) case.

Informing this, Superintendent of Police of North Garo Hills Bruno A Sangma said that the three arrested persons include — SK Marak from Resulbelpara (40), T Sangma (40), and S Sangma from Adokgre (32).

He said that among them, SK Marak is an ex-member of UALA and has been rehabilitated. He is the main culprit in this case and has been wanted in Assam as well.

“We will be handing him to Assam police as soon as we are done with the investigation. More arrests will take place; there are around 7 to 8 people involved in this regroup,” Sangma said.