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Enfield Reported Total Sales of 63,387 Units in December 2023 – Royal Enfield Market Trends in December 2023

December sales figures are out for major two-wheeler manufacturers in India, giving us a glimpse into how the market performed in the last month of 2023. One interesting set of numbers came from the historic motorcycle company Royal Enfield.

Enfield reported total sales of 63,387 units in December 2023, including both domestic sales and exports. That’s a 7% drop compared to December 2022 when they sold 68,400 bikes.

Royal Enfield’s Total Sales in 2023

A closer look shows that exports took a big hit declining 29% year over year to just 6,096 units shipped overseas in December 2023. For the fiscal year so far (April to December 2023), Royal Enfield’s total sales reached 685,059 units, up 11% over the same period last fiscal year. But exports for the nine month period were down 26%.

So what’s going on in Enfield’s bread-and-butter domestic market? Sales of their popular 350cc models, like the Classic and Meteor, dipped 10% in December to 55,401 units. Between April and December 2023, domestic 350cc sales were still up 13% though, at nearly 612,000 bikes.

Meanwhile, Royal Enfield’s lineup of 411cc, 450cc and 650cc bikes saw sales grow 11% in December 2023 to 7,986 units. The new Himalayan 450 Adventure Tourer has surely helped boost momentum in these larger segments.

Royal Enfield’s Upcoming Bikes

Looking forward, Royal Enfield has a bunch of new bike launches lined up for 2024 and beyond – everything from updated 650cc models to all-new platforms like 450cc and 350cc bikes. They’ll need this fresh product onslaught to keep sales numbers headed in the right direction in an increasingly competitive Indian motorcycle market.

Some key models Enfield is expected to launch soon include:

  • Shotgun 650 – A new 650cc cruiser likely coming in January 2024 to compete with bikes like the Honda CMX1100 Rebel.
  • New 350cc Platform – Royal Enfield is developing an all-new modern 350cc engine and chassis to eventually replace the existing 350s.
  • Himalayan 450 Updates – After the initial launch in 2022, we may see new versions and upgrades to the Himalayan 450 adventure bike.
  • New 650cc bikes – Updated and new 650cc models are rumored to be in the works to complement the Interceptor and Continental GT.

Last Words

I’ll be keeping an eye on Enfield’s sales numbers in 2024 as they roll out new models. With lots of competition from brands like Bajaj, TVS, Honda and more, Royal Enfield needs solid new products to keep momentum going. What do you think of Enfield’s performance in December and their plans looking ahead? Write your thought below in the comment section.

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