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Drugs worth Rs 300 Cr seized, 610 persons arrested in last 2 years: Meghalaya DGP

Shillong, 05 Mar: Nearly Rs 300 crore worth of drugs have been recovered by Meghalaya Police in the last two years with a total arrest of 610 traffickers, out of whom 61 were women – accounting for 10 percent of the total arrested individuals.

Informing this, Meghalaya Director General of Police Dr LR Bishnoi said that a total of 318 cases have been registered under the NDPS Act from 2022 till February of 2024.

He also informed that for the first time in the history of Meghalaya Police, about 14.2 kg of crystal meth, a very costly drug, was recovered. It was said that the market rate of this drug is approximately 1.5 crore per kg.

Furthermore, the cash recovered by the police from 2022 till date has broken the 50-year record wherein Rs 36 lakh was recovered in 2022; nearly Rs 45.6 lakh in 2023, and Rs 60, 000 in 2024.

When it comes to total drug cost by calculating the existing market rate, Rs 75 lakh was recovered in 2022; Rs 170 crore in 2023, and nearly Rs 21 crore in 2024 – which means a total of Rs 300 crore worth of drugs was recovered by the state police in the last two years.