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CM hands over sanction letters to beneficiaries of different Govt Scheme

Shillong, 13 Mar: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma today handed over sanction letters to beneficiaries of Agri-Response Vehicles, Agri-Warehouse, Common Facility Centre, Piggery, Poultry and Goat Farming schemes under CM Elevate at District Auditorium Tura.

In the event of CM Elevate Conclave for entrepreneurs of Garo Hills region was held today at the District Auditorium in Tura.

Taking to his X handle, the CM wrote: “Our economy will grow in its true sense if the youth, women, farmers, entrepreneurs, and every section of the society are a part of the growth story.”

He further said that in the last one and a half years, the economy of the state has increased from 45k Cr to 56k Cr.

CM Elevate is an ambitious program of the government to create a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to grow and flourish through financial assistance, entrepreneurship development, and creation of jobs.