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Body recovered from city hotel in Shillong

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Shillong, 07 Mar: On Thursday, police discovered a deceased individual in a hotel room at Hotel Assembly in Police Bazar, Shillong. The deceased has been identified as Sijo Joseph (47), a resident of Beltola Road, Guwahati. His body was found by personnel from the Sardar Police Station.

According to sources, hotel staff informed the police after noticing that the man had not left his room for over a day. Responding to the information, a police team from the Sardar Police Station rushed to the hotel and, in the presence of witnesses, broke open the door to find Sijo Joseph’s body lying on the bed.

An initial inquest has been conducted, suggesting that the cause of death may be an overdose of sedatives and anti-depressants. No evidence of foul play has been discovered thus far. The body has been sent for post-mortem examination.

Efforts are underway to contact the family, and further investigation into the matter is ongoing.