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BJP to welcome Mukul in a ‘Red Carpet’ if he join BJP: Shanbor Shullai

Shillong, 08 Mar: The BJP in Meghalaya would welcome former Chief Minister and TMC MLA, Dr. Mukul Sangma, with a ‘Red Carpet’ if he is willing to join the Saffron party. These statements were made by BJP South Shillong legislator Shanbor Shullai during a press conference held to welcome former MLA Winnerson D. Sangma to the Party.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Shullai praised Dr. Mukul’s political experience, stating that he has been one of the most mature politicians in Meghalaya. Therefore, the BJP is willing to welcome him with a Red Carpet entrance, Shullai added.

Additionally, Winnerson has also hinted that many other leaders from the TMC will soon join the BJP fold in the coming days.