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31 UDP leaders fro Ribhoi left the party

Nongstoin, 20 Mar: In a political development just ahead of the Lok Sabha Poll, the United Democratic Party (UDP) Ribhoi District unit parted ways with the party on Wednesday. 31 leaders, including the UDP’s working President and the President of UDP Ribhoi District, along with the Central Body, Youth Wing, and Women’s Wing, announced their departure.

Raphael Massar, Chief Adviser of UDP Ri Bhoi District; Rangkynsai R. Makdoh, Adviser of UDP Ri Bhoi District; Kong Queen Mary Rymbai, Joint Secretary of UDP Women’s Wing State; Watson Kharkrang, President of UDP YW Umsning Circle; and Jeffrey Khymdeit, Joint Secretary of UDP YW State, and many other UDP leaders from Ribhoi.

These announcements were made by the UDP working president, Donbok Khymdeit, in a press conference. He stated that this decision was not made impulsively but was taken with consideration for the future and how they could best serve Ribhoi.

The Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA), comprising the Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) and UDP, nominated Robert Kharjarin, former president of the Hyniewtrep Youth Council (HYC), as the candidate for the Shillong Lok Sabha seat.

When asked whether they would join another political party, Khymdeit stated that they had not made any decision to join any party yet.